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The Flavour Research Experts


How We Work...

- We start by meeting to discuss your requirements.

- We will provide you with a detailed proposal including all costs and timelines.

- We try and split the proposal into discrete steps, which limits your risk.

- During the project, we'll keep you up to date with progress at all times.

- The results are detailed in a written report, and we can meet to discuss.

What We Offer...

Flavour Release
Using our unique MS-Nose technology, we can measure the release of key flavour compounds whilst eating! If you want to change your formulation, but ensure that the consumer still receives a great flavour experience, then this technique can help.



Shelf Life Stability
If you have an issue with flavour changes in your product, we can help. Whether it's an off flavour that has arisen over time, or changes that happen during a new manufacturing process, we can help identify the compounds responsible, and suggest ways to minimise the problem.


Keep Your Products Healthy
With constant pressure to reduce salt, fat and sugar; our unique technology can measure the release properties of your current product and design ways to minimise these ingredients in your food, whilst still maintaining a great taste for the consumer.


Other Analyses
We have access to a range of other technology, including food colour measurements; texture measurements; EMG (bite force measurements); a pilot plant for producing small scale samples and a fully trained sensory panel to compliment our flavour analytical capabilities.